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Skyblock Official Release

That’s right, the Skyblock Official Release is finally here! After a long journey working on and developing the server and getting tons of amazing custom plugins created and having one of the smoothest betas I’ve ever seen in all of my time playing Minecraft, we’re ready to get going and release! This announcement will be heavily detailed with most of Skyblock’s needed gameplay information!


Release date: February 11th, 2PM EST!

Live Countdown: https://itsalmo.st/skyblock-official-release-tqja


Island Level

Island level is gained through the placement of blocks. Each block has a certain value, some are worth more than others. The blocks that are worth the most are Gold (50 Value), Iron (100 Value), Emerald (250 Value), Diamond (500 Value), and Netherite (1200 Value) blocks. There is no limit to how many blocks you can place, shoot for the stars and go get the highest level you can!


Island Challenges

There are various island challenges you can complete throughout the course of playing and grinding on your island. There are 5 tiers of island challenges - Novice, Competent, Expert, Advanced, and Elite. In order to unlock the next tier, you must complete a certain amount of challenges from the tier you are currently on.


Island Dimensions

Each island has 3 island dimensions they can use, and each one counts towards their total island level, so it’s definitely worth grinding to unlock each dimension. You start in the overworld as normal, but you can also create a nether portal to go to your nether island and eventually work your way up to finishing the end portal to go to your end island! 


Ore Generator

Ore Generators are based per player and do NOT reset if you reset your island, you keep them until the season resets. There are 7 tiers which you can unlock, which range from the basic cobblestone generator to having all ores and ancient debris! To level up your ore generator, type “/generator” in-game!



CoreProtect is a protection plugin which allows you to do “/co I” to left/right click on blocks, chests, or spawners that allow you to see any data which happened on that specific block. 


By left clicking you get the data of the specific block you clicked on (showing either placed/broken data for that specific area within that 1 block space), by right clicking you get the similar, except it’s for the block above that block. Meaning if you had a piece of cobblestone placed and had a chest on top of it, you could right click the cobblestone to see who broke the chest!


This is a helpful way for players to keep track of their important blocks and chests to help against theft and griefs. It’s a useful tool for helping to report such events as well.


Custom Enchantments

Custom Enchantments, which are split up into 4 tiers - Common (Costs 5,000 EXP), Rare (Costs 10,000 EXP), Legendary (Costs 35,000 EXP), and Ultimate (Costs 75,000 EXP). Each one has special custom enchantments which give you specific buffs and effects as specified on each book. Most enchantments have different levels, the higher the level, the better the effect. To access the custom enchantments, simply type “/ce” in-game!


Custom Achievements

There are a total of 187 Custom Achievements we have added within the game. You can access the achievement list by doing “/a” in-game!


Daily Rewards

Each day you login, you have a chance to claim daily rewards from typing “/daily” in-game! You will receive various rewards such as exp, money, crate keys, crystals, and more! Once you reach day 7, your streak will reset back to day 1 and the process will repeat itself. 


Gems Shop

Gems are a custom currency outside of just cash. We have a special gems shop which you can access via “/gems shop” in-game! Within the shop, you can buy certain items such as crate keys, fly time, special tags, sell chest tier I, and also bedrock! There is also an islands upgrade part in which you can upgrade the overall size of your island! By default islands are 100x100.

How do I get gems though?

You receive gems by killing mobs, killing players, fishing, mining blocks (only ones from your ore generator count), and playing the server for 30 minutes at a time! You can also earn gems by playing at the Spawn Parkour, you get gems every 50 jumps!


Crystals Shop

The Crystals shop is based on our custom Crystals currency which can be used to purchase items off of our store (store.mysticalskies.com). The Crystals shop is essentially an in-game version of our store. This has most, but not all items (mainly just tags that aren’t in the in-game shop that there are way too many to add manually). You can access the Crystals shop via “/crystals shop” in-game! There are also some bonus items you can purchase inside that aren’t in our online shop!


Spawn Parkour

At spawn, to your left there is a little platform with a golden pressure plate in which you need to jump on to activate the spawn parkour. It starts off easy but as you process the jumps will continue to get harder. 0-30 Jumps is Easy, 40-74 is Medium, 75-119 is Hard, and 120+ is Expert. Every 50 jumps you will receive 50 Gems, and every 150 jumps you will receive 2.5 Crystals. Additionally, everytime you beat the servers’ top record, you will receive 2.5 Crystals.



We have tons of different leaderboards you can compete and challenge your friends against to see who can be the best! We have 8 main leaderboards which are all displayed at spawn, 7 of which are displayed at “/warp lead”; the other one is at “/warp parkour” for the spawn parkour. 


The other leaderboards are Time Played, Gems Top, Player Kills, Island Top, Baltop, Mob Kills, and McMMO Skill. Each leaderboard will have their own specific rewards involved with them, Island Top is the only monthly one. The rest are seasonal, meaning that once the Skyblock season ends, players who are in the top places will receive a prize for being the best on that specific leaderboard!


Custom recipes

We have 57 custom recipes which can be crafted in various ways, most are for the crafting table and furnace! Here’s a list of the different recipes you are able to create!

Note: All smeltable armor must not have enchantments, this is done to avoid smelting your precious or best armor!


Custom Crafting Recipes:


5 Chain = 1 Chainmail Helmet


8 Chain = 1 Chainmail Chestplate


7 Chain = 1 Chainmail leggings


4 Chain = 1 Chainmail boots


4 Glow Berries = 1 Glowstone Dust


1 Glowstone Dust + 1 Vine = 1 Glow Lichen


1 Glowstone Dust + 1 Ink sac = 1 Glow Ink sac


2 Eye of Ender + 1 Emerald Block + 6 Gold Blocks = 1 Totem of Undying


5 Leather + 1 String + 3 Iron Ingots = 1 Saddle


6 Gold Ingots + 1 Leather = 1 Golden Horse Armor


6 Iron Ingots + 1 Leather = 1 Iron Horse Armor


6 Diamonds + 1 Leather = 1 Diamond Horse Armor


7 Leather = 1 Leather Horse Armor


8 Obsidian + 1 Ghast Tear = 8 Crying Obsidian


1 Lava Bucket + 1 Netherrack = 1 Magma Block


4 Red Mushrooms = 1 Red Mushroom Block


4 Brown Mushrooms = 1 Brown Mushroom Block


2 Brown Mushrooms + 2 Red Mushrooms = 1 Mushroom Stem


1 Glowstone + 1 Mushroom Stem = 1 Shroomlight


1 Dirt + 1 Moss Carpet = 1 Grass Block


4 Moss Carpet = 1 Moss Block


3 Sticks + 3 Gold Ingots + 1 Gold Nugget = Bell


1 Oak Sapling = 1 Dead Bush


1 White Wool = 4 String


5 String = 1 Cobweb


3 Glow Ink Sac + 3 Ender Pearls + 1 Redstone Repeater = 1 Sculk Sensor


1 Apple + 4 Totem of Undying + 4 Gold Blocks = 1 Enchanted Golden Apple


6 Phantom Membrane + 1 Nether Star + 1 End Rod = 1 Elytra


3 Stone + 2 Sticks = 1 Stone Pickaxe


3 Stone + 2 Sticks = 1 Stone Axe


2 Stone + 1 Stick = 1 Stone Sword


2 Stone + 2 Sticks = 1 Stone Hoe


1 Stone + 2 Sticks = 1 Stone Shovel



Custom Smelting Recipes:


1 Raw Block of Copper = 9 Raw Copper


1 Raw Block of Iron = 9 Raw Iron


1 Raw Block of Gold = 9 Raw Gold


1 Rotten Flesh = 1 Leather


1 Iron Helmet = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Iron Chestplate = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Iron Leggings = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Iron Boots = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Gold Helmet = 1 Gold Ingot


1 Gold Chestplate = 1 Gold Ingot


1 Gold Leggings = 1 Gold Ingot


1 Gold Boots = 1 Gold Ingot


1 Chainmail Helmet = 1 Iron


1 Chainmail Chestplate = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Chainmail Leggings = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Chainmail Boots = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Diamond Helmet = 1 Diamond


1 Diamond Chestplate = 1 Diamond


1 Diamond Leggings = 1 Diamond


1 Diamond Boots = 1 Diamond 


1 Netherite Helmet = 1 Netherite Ingot


1 Netherite Chestplate = 1 Netherite Ingot


1 Netherite Leggings = 1 Netherite Ingot


1 Netherite Boots = 1 Netherite Ingot


Custom Mob Drops

Each spawner mob has a custom mob drop attached to them. Here’s a list of the drops!rxBQZ-VdGYLfjWFcW-lo6pSmwyBr_rsRlhoDkRYJfioOv8e_rovVeqyIfdWHCBiRtiKeOCq0OI0Yz0GcH4nqCeGTjd3sJZkyXNIpHcbRSot4sGF4yxpUHzeXIXmj3FLZNzHOJoXX


AntiDrop Protection

To ensure you don’t lose all of your valuable or Mythical Items, we have added antidrop protection to all tools, weapons, keys (tripwire hooks), shulker boxes, elytras, armor, and more!

Twerk to grow crops

A cool and fun little addon to allow you to be able to make any crop or sapling grow with the power of your twerking dance moves! Go give it a try!



We have 6 duel arenas in which you can battle your friends or other players to compete to see who is the best, or put a wager on the fight! Simply do “/duel [name]” to start the dueling process!



Each day, you get access to vote on the 6 vote sites we offer by doing “/vote” in-game! You will receive 10 minutes of tempfly, 0.015 Crystals, $1,000, and a vote key! Every 50 votes a vote party will activate on the server which will give every player online a free vote key and one other random key (which could be vote, rare, legendary, crazy, or even mystical!) 



We have 5 different crates that are around each month, but we also have 1 special one which will come around once a month and once gone, will be gone forever! The 5 main crates are Vote, Rare, Legendary, Crazy, and Mystical! As mentioned in the voting section, you are able to get vote keys simply by voting. You can also get other keys through vote parties, gems shop, crystals shop, our online store, and even through opening crates themselves you have a chance to get the next tier up!


Sell Chests

Sell Chests automatically sell items inside of them for you every so often, depending on the tier. The higher the tier, the better the stats, the lower the tax, and the faster the sell time. We have 4 tiers of sell chests These can be earned from gems shop, crates, and crystals shop! The list of the different sell chests and stats are below!


Sell Chest Tier I = 15 days | 20% tax | 20 second cooldown | Works While Player Online


Sell Chest Tier II = 30 days | 15% tax | 15 second cooldown | Works Offline


Sell Chest Tier III = 60 days | 10% tax | 10 second cooldown | Works Offline


Sell Chest Tier IV = Infinite | 5% tax | 5 second cooldown | Works Offline | Collects & Sells items nearby (no hoppers needed!)


Each rank has a certain amount of sell chests they are able to place. The list as is followed:


Member: Ability to place 1

Hero: Ability to place 2

Legend: Ability to place 4

Dragon: Ability to place 6

Phoenix: Ability to place 10

Titan: Ability to place 20


Chunk Loaders

There are 4 tiers of chunk loaders. Chunk loaders are tools in which you load a chunk so that you don’t need to be online to afk it yourself, just place it and you’re ready to go! The list of the different tiers is as stated below:


Chunk Loader Tier I = 1 day

Chunk Loader Tier II = 7 days

Chunk Loader Tier III = 30 days

Chunk Loader Tier IV = Infinite


No placement limits! You are able to purchase these in the Crystals Shop!

Auto Farmers

Auto Farmers are, as the same suggests, farms in which auto farm for you! All you have to do is plant the crops the first time, and then they do the rest for you forever! They will automatically harvest and collect the crops in their own storage system. From there to prevent it from overflowing, you must either collect and sell it yourself or connect a hopper underneath to take the items from the auto farmer and put them into a chest or even a sell chest to automatically sell the crops for you!


There are 4 tiers of these farms which can be earned through crates. Tier I (Radius of 2), Tier 2 (Radius of 3), Tier 3 (Radius of 4), and Tier 4 (Radius of 5). Actual Size shown in the image below.


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MysticalSkies Official Network Rules


Official Network Rules

Last Edited: March 22nd, 2022

As I hope most of you are aware, we are human and we all make mistakes. Our rules are set in place giving guidance to hopefully reduce those mistakes a bit. Even we are not perfect, so it’s not possible for us to list everything that could violate our rules and ask for you to use common sense. If you have to think about if it will be breaking the rules, it probably will be, so don’t do it, or at least ask a staff member before to be safe. If it is something that is illegal on other networks but isn’t explicitly listed here, please do not do it, or ask before doing it. Our staff are trained thoroughly and punishments are given at staff discretion. Additionally, admins can issue punishments for something that is not directly specified if it is seen as malicious to the server, keep in mind these instances are rare. 

Please keep in mind that you are solely responsible for any events which occur on your Minecraft account. We advise you not to share your account with anyone to avoid these issues. Keep passwords and other related information secure and private.

If you are punished and break certain rules, depending on severity, you will receive a deduction. Deductions remove value or stats which help towards leaderboards or payouts. The first deduction is 25% of your value or stats gained by cheating, the second time is 50%, and the third time's a season disqualification. You get 2 warnings (warnings being the deductions) before you are disqualified from participating in leaderboards or payouts. Keep in mind the decisions are at admin discretion and will depend on the severity of the rule you broke. 

Assisting players who are breaking the rules or knowingly benefitting from it is strictly prohibited and will result in punishment. This punishment follows the same path as if it was you breaking the rule. An example is if you are benefitting from somebody else hacking, you would also be banned for the length of a hacking ban. If you already had a hacking ban previously, you would be permanently banned. Faking evidence follows this. If you are falsifying evidence to frame somebody, you will get the same punishment path in which you falsified.

If you are permanently banned in-game you will also be permanently banned in our Discord server. Permanently banned members are not welcomed in our community, so if you are permanently banned, you will be removed to prevent you from causing further issues to our members.

If you wish to appeal a punishment, you may create a ban/mute appeal here: https://forums.mysticalskies.com/appeals/

If you believe you were falsely or unfairly punished or treated, you may report them by creating a staff report ticket here: https://forums.mysticalskies.com/staff-report/

Keep in mind that these rules can and will be updated at any given point. To ensure you are up to date with this information, you will see the specific update in #updates on our Discord server.

Rules are subject to change at any time and punishments will vary based on severity and player history. 


Global Mutable Offenses:

Chat offenses are split up into 3 categories based on intent and severity. Small Chat Offenses which are not that serious, Medium Chat Offenses which are more serious and harmful, and finally Prohibited Chat Offenses which are super serious and harmful, Prohibited punishments are usually a permanent punishment, which very rarely will be undone. Please keep in mind that all punishments are given at staff discretion, so arguing that you were muted without a warning is not worthwhile. Each category has specific guidelines on how they work, which is listed below with the punishment paths.


[1] Spam

What is classed as spam?

  • Repeating yourself over and over again
  • Chat Flooding (3 or more messages in a row, within reason)
  • Spam Promotion (Everyone say “1” for a billion dollars!)
  • Group Spam (Multiple people spamming the same thing)
  • Character Drag/Spam (Example: HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…)
  • Command Spam (/helpop, /report, /afk, /msg etc. These are punishable by a ban)

Punishment Path: Small Chat Offenses 


[2] Other Languages

What is classed as “other languages”?

  • English is the language of the server. Any other languages should be kept to a minimum in main chat. You may use them in personal or private chats but not public chat.

Punishment Path: Small Chat Offenses


[3] Custom Chat Fonts or Formats

What is classed as custom chat fonts or formats?

  • Custom chat formats are special characters or languages which can be spammy and can flood chat. You may use them in personal or private chats but not public chat.

Punishment Path: Small Chat Offenses


[4] Inappropriate Chat

What is classed as inappropriate chat?

  • Inappropriate chat or topics are not allowed, this includes having inappropriate nicknames, and item names. Inappropriate usernames and skins will result in permanent punishment until changed and appealed. 
  • Included under inappropriate chat is topics such as drugs, sexual related conversations, illegal activities, suicide or self-harm, and politics. These conversations are not appropriate for public chat.

Punishment Path: Small Chat Offenses


[5] Disrespect 

What is classed as disrespect?

  • Disrespect is not allowed and is when you are insulting, bullying, harassing, or being abusive towards others. This also includes attacking staff members, or publicly insulting them and questioning their competence. If you wish to report a staff member, please follow the steps put in place respectfully. 

Punishment Path: Small Chat Offenses


[6] Trolling

What is classed as trolling?

  • Trolling is when you are tricking or misleading others into doing things which could cause harm or problems for them or others. Examples of this is tricking others into doing commands such as “/ci” which clears their inventory or doing Alt+F4 which crashes their game. 

Punishment Path: Small Chat Offenses


[7] Impersonation

What is classed as impersonation?

  • Impersonation is when you are tricking others you are somebody else or pretending to be somebody you are not. Impersonating another player or a staff member is not allowed and will result in punishment. 

Punishment Path: Small Chat Offenses



Small Chat Offenses Punishment Path [Mute Lengths]:

You will be warned in all small offenses before you are muted. 

Keep in mind these punishments stack, meaning if you are warned for Spamming and then start being Disrespectful, you will be muted for Disrespect rather than warned again.

This punishment path does reset if you go 30 days without punishment and have not gone past the sixth offense.

First Offense: 1 hour

Second Offense 2 hours

Third Offense: 4 hours

Fourth Offense: 8 hours

Fifth Offense: 16 hours

Sixth Offense: 1 day

Seventh Offense: 3 days

Eighth Offense: 7 days 

Ninth Offense: 30 days 

Tenth Offense: Permanent 



[8] Flame Wars

What is classed as flame wars?

  • Flame wars is when you are getting into a heated argument and start making personal attacks on others. This is classed as a separate category from disrespect as it’s a more advanced and harmful type.

Punishment Path: Medium Chat Offenses


[9] Harassment

What is classed as harassment?

  • Harassment is when you are deliberately going out of your way to attack or harm another player constantly. These types of offenses are usually treated as minor disrespect at first but as they develop and it is more common, it will be treated as harassment. Intentionally harassing players or staff will result in lengthy punishment. 

Punishment Path: Medium Chat Offenses


[10] Disturbing Chat

What is classed as disturbing chat?

  • Disturbing chat is similar to flame wars, though the usual target of it is a staff member. These are usually heated arguments about the decision of punishments, or server issues. This is not allowed. Disrupting chat is a hostile attack and is heated or emotionally involved arguments, these are not respectful and are not an appropriate discussion. 

Punishment Path: Medium Chat Offenses


[11] Hate Speech

What is classed as hate speech?

  • Hate speech is severely abusive and threatening behavior against particular groups, commonly based around race, religion, or sexual orientation. There are no warnings given for hate speech, these result in an instant punishment.

Punishment Path: Medium Chat Offenses



Medium Chat Offenses Punishment Path [Mute Lengths]:

You will be warned for all offenses EXCEPT Hate Speech before you are muted. 

Keep in mind these punishments stack, meaning if you are warned for Flame Wars and then start Disturbing Chat, you will be muted for Disturbing Chat.

This punishment path does not reset or expire.

First Offense: 1 day

Second Offense 3 days

Third Offense: 7 days

Fourth Offense: 30 days

Fifth Offense: Permanent



[12] Death Threats & Death Wishes

What is classed as death threats and wishes?

  • Death threats simply put are wishing harm or death on others, suicide encouragement is included in this. Any mention of these will result in punishment and based on severity and admin discretion, severe punishment will be granted.

Punishment Path: Prohibited Chat Offenses


[13] Advertising

What is classed as advertising?

  • Advertising is mentioning other servers or sharing other servers IP addresses in chat or messages. Talking about other servers or sharing ips with the intent of advertising isn’t allowed and will result in punishment.

Punishment Path: Prohibited Chat Offenses


[14] Advertising Hacked Clients

What is classed as advertising hacked clients?

  • Advertising hacked clients, similar to advertising, is when you are mentioning hacked clients or advertising links to them in chat, offering a client to other users with the intent to break the server rules. This is not allowed and will result in punishment.

Punishment Path: Prohibited Chat Offenses


[15] IP Loggers

What is classed as IP loggers?

  • Sending links or tricking users into clicking or doing something which can grab or steal their IP is not only illegal but against the rules. Doing this or tricking members into clicking these links is strictly not allowed.
  • You can check if a link is safe by typing it into this website: https://www.urlvoid.com/

Punishment Path: Prohibited Chat Offenses


[16] Serious Threats

What is classed as serious threats?

  • Serious threats include but are not limited to, DDoS threats, Doxxing threats, Swatting threats, and Chargeback threats. Threats of any kind are strictly prohibited and will result in instant and permanent punishment. Mild jokes between friends should not be in the main chat, if you wish to joke to your friend, do it privately. You will be punished without warning if you threaten in the main chat.

Punishment Path: Prohibited Chat Offenses


[17] Sharing any private information

What is classed as sharing any private information?

  • Sharing private information is not allowed because if it is private, the respected member wishes to keep it private and not be shared with other users. If you are found leaking information about a member or sending their photo around, you will be punished without warning. 

Punishment Path: Prohibited Chat Offenses


[18] Bots

What is classed as bots?

  • Bots, commonly known as spam bots, are not allowed. These types of bots typically join a server with the sole intent to advertise, spam flood the chat, or spam messaging members.. Doing this will result in instant punishment. 

Punishment Path: Prohibited Chat Offenses


[19] Links to Shock/Porn

What is classed as links to shock/porn?

  • Links to shock or porn simply put is sending disturbing images or videos in chat. These could include but are not limited to jump scares, pornographic images or videos or earrape. 

Punishment Path: Prohibited Chat Offenses


[20] IRL (Real World) Deals

What is classed as IRL (Real World) Deals?

  • IRL Deals are certain deals in which you are offered or offering in-game items for something with real world value, such as paying them through PayPal for the items. Trading in-game items for items purchased from a third-party or external source is included in this rule. We are not a marketplace for your private sales. Advertising or doing these deals will result in instant punishment.
  • You may trade in-game items for Buycraft, but Buycraft only. Keep in mind this is only as long as you are following all other rules while doing so.

Punishment Path: Prohibited Chat Offenses



Prohibited Chat Offenses Punishment Path:

There are no warnings for these offenses.

This punishment path does not reset or expire.

First Offense: Permanent Ban



[21] Mute Evasion

What is classed as mute evasion?

  • Mute evasion is considered evading your mute. If you are muted and use an alt or other members to speak for you, that is evasion of your mute and will result in the same punishment length you received. Other ways of doing this can be using /afk to display your nickname in chat and evade with that, though this will result in a ban for the length you are muted for as a mute does not stop it. 

Punishment Path: The same length of your original mute which was evaded


Global Bannable Non-Chat Related Offenses:

Bannable non-chat related offenses, for the most part, all have their own unique and special path we follow. Some are more severe than others, so they will hold heavier penalties. 


[22] Macros 

What is classed as macros?

  • Macros are things which will automatically process a task for you and give an unfair advantage against others. This could include but not limited to, autoclicking, automatically doing any type of commands (apart from /”server” for console clients.), scripts, autofarming, or autotyping scramblers. These are not allowed and if found using them you will be punished.
  • Being unresponsive for a lengthy period of time can also be counted as a macro. It is recommended that if you plan to watch TV or do something else while you grind, that you split your screens and pay attention the best you can. That way you can notice if you're being talked to or teleported around.

Punishment Path:

First Offense: 3 Day Ban

Second Offense: 7 Day Ban

Third Offense: Permanent Ban


[23] Hacked Clients

What is classed as hacked clients?

  • Hacked clients are not allowed. Like macros, hacked clients give unfair advantages over other members in various things, such as pvp or leaderboards. Use of hacked clients will result in punishment.

Punishment Path:

First Offense: 14 Day Ban

Second Offense: Permanent Ban 


[24] Griefing 

What is classed as griefing?

  • Griefing is when you are intentionally destroying somebody else’s property or builds. This could include but is not limited to destroying the physical build, ruining it with random blocks, or placing water/lava over the build to deface it. 

Punishment Path: 

First Offense: 3 Day Ban

Second Offense: 7 Day Ban

Third Offense: Permanent Ban


[25] Theft

What is classed as theft?

  • Theft is when you have the intent to steal from other members. This usually involves higher valued items such as ores or spawners. There are multiple different types of theft, such as joining somebody's party or island to steal from them (usually known as insiding) or kicking a member from your party/island without returning their items. Another form of theft is by sitting inside other peoples grinders or farms and stealing all of the drops.

Punishment Path: 

First Offense: 7 Day Ban

Second Offense: 14 Day Ban

Third Offense: Permanent Ban


[26] Inappropriate Usernames, Skins, & Builds

What is classed as inappropriate usernames, skins & builds?

  • Inappropriate usernames & skins simply put are skins which are disturbing and are inappropriate. This could include but is not limited to names or skins that are disrespectful, have hate speech in them, or display private body parts. This also includes inappropriate builds with those in them. 

Punishment Path: These result in a permanent ban until changed and appealed


[27] Scamming

What is classed as scamming?

  • Scamming can be done in many different forms, such as sign scamming, /ah scamming, or trade scamming. Scamming can include renaming an item to something else and selling it as that. Scamming is having the intent to steal items or money from members without finishing the trade and paying your side of the deal.

Punishment Path: 

First Offense: 3 Day Ban

Second Offense: 7 Day Ban

Third Offense: Permanent Ban


[28] Abusing The Auction House

What is classed as abusing the auction house?

  • Abusing the auction house includes using it to scam, selling renamed items, or displaying advertisements about specific warps, trades, or services. Advertisements about warps, trades, or services will result in a warning rather than an instant punishment.

Punishment Path: 

Warning (If applicable)

First Offense: 3 Day Ban

Second Offense: 7 Day Ban

Third Offense: Permanent Ban


[29] Abusing Bugs/Glitches

What is classed as abusing bugs/glitches?

  • Abusing bugs or glitches are not allowed. If you find a bug, you are recommended to report it immediately to staff or the administration team so we can fix it. There are 2 types of abuse, minor abuse and major abuse, these usually depend on the severity of the bug. A game breaking bug for example will result in a major bug abuse punishment.
  • If you are testing a bug, please record it or get a staff member and they will record it, if found repeatedly using it, we will be less likely to believe you were just testing it.

Punishment Path: 

Minor bug abuse:

First Offense: 7 Day Ban

Second Offense: Permanent Ban

Major bug abuse:

First Offense: 14 Day Ban

Second Offense: Permanent Ban


[30] Physical Trolling

What is classed as physical trolling?

  • Physical trolling is similar to trolling but in the physical form. By doing this, you have the intent in hurting or trolling a new or existing member for the pure fact of making them leave or be upset. Examples of this is blocking somebody from fishing or preventing a member from being able to build by standing in their way.

Punishment Path: 


First Offense: 3 Day Ban

Second Offense: 7 Day Ban

Third Offense: Permanent Ban


[31] TP Killing or trapping

What is classed as TP killing or trapping?

  • TP killing or trapping is when you send a teleportation request to somebody with the intent of trapping them in a cage or teleporting them into lava, with the intent to kill them. Another example of this could be standing on the ledge of the pvp arena and tping a member to you, hoping it teleports them inside of the pvp zone so you can kill them and steal their items.

Punishment Path: 

First Offense: 7 Day Ban

Second Offense: 14 Day Ban

Third Offense: Permanent Ban


[32] Helpop or Report Abuse

What is classed as helpop or report abuse?

  • Helpop or report abuse is when you are purposely using these help commands to evade your mute or use them as if they were a private messaging tool. This is not the case and you will be punished if you do so. These help tools are meant for people who need help, not those who want to troll and waste staff's time.

Punishment Path: Stacks under Small Chat Offenses (as bans instead of mutes)


[33] Leaderboard/Payout Deals (Boosting)

What is classed as leaderboard/payout deals?

  • Leaderboard/payout deals, commonly known as boosting, is when you have deals in place to keep yourself and others in certain leaderboard positions. This gives an unfair advantage for members who want to compete for the leaderboard positions. 
  • This also includes giving a member all of your money in order to win a currency leaderboard, stat boosting (boosting stats) by killing alts or paying others so you can kill them, sharing an account to get onto leaderboards, or teaming with other parties/islands in order to bypass limits such as member or spawner limits. 

Punishment Path: Strictly leaderboard related punishments

First Offense: 25% Deduction

Second Offense: 50% Deduction

Third Offense: Permanent Leaderboard Ban


[34] Setting Homes/Warps (In areas WITHOUT permission)

What is classed as setting homes/warps?

  • Setting homes/warps (in areas WITHOUT permission) is when you are setting a home in somebody else’s party/island without the leader or members of that party/island allowing you to do so. Home/warp will be removed if you refuse to comply when warned.

Punishment Path: 


First Offense: 1 Day Ban 

Second Offense: 3 Day Ban

Third Offense: 7d Ban

Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban


[35] Lag/Crash Machines

What is classed as lag/crash machines?

  • Lag/crash machines refers to building machines which will cause lag, significantly lower members FPS, or crash the server. Any form of doing so, even outside of a “machine” is not allowed. Found doing so and you will be punished without warning.
  • If found that it was a mistake and the member did not intentionally mean for it to lag or crash the server, the member will be given a warning instead of a ban. 

Punishment Path: Permanent Ban


[36] Logging out during combat

What is classed as logging out during combat?

  • Logging out during combat to avoid death or gain an advantage over your competitor is not allowed. Though sometimes it is uncontrollable, if excessively or found purposely doing so, you will be punished. 

Punishment Path: 

First Offense: 3 Day Ban

Second Offense: 7 Day Ban

Third Offense: Permanent Ban


[37] Falsifying Evidence 

What is classed as falsifying evidence?

  • Falsifying evidence is when you create fake and false evidence against a member, whether that be video of them cheating or photoshopped/fake screenshots of them breaking server rules. We have ways of checking if what you give us is legit and true, if found it is false, you will be punished in place of them.

Punishment Path: The same punishment and length as if you broke the rule you falsified


[38] Assisting Cheaters

What is classed as assisting cheaters?

  • Assisting players who are breaking the rules or knowingly benefitting from it is strictly prohibited and result in punishment. An example is if you are benefitting from somebody else hacking, you would also be banned for the length of a hacking ban. If you already had a hacking ban previously, you would be permanently banned.

Punishment Path: The same punishment as if you broke the rule yourself


[39] Exploiting or Duping

What is classed as exploiting or duping?

  • Exploiting or duping is when you take a bug and purposely abuse it to gain an advantage over others and duplicate items for your own benefit, or to sell to others. If you are found doing this, there are no exceptions and you will be punished without warning.
  • If you are testing a bug, please record it or get a staff member and they will record it, if found repeatedly using it, we will be less likely to believe you were just testing it.

Punishment Path: Permanent Ban


[40] Ban Evasion

What is classed as ban evasion?

  • Ban evasion is considered evading your ban. If you are banned and use an alt or other members to log in and do things for you, that is evasion of your ban and will result in the same punishment length you received.

Punishment Path: The same length of your original ban which was evaded

[41] Alt Limitations

What are alt limitations?

  • The alt limitations are, simply put, the amount of allowed alts on the server at one time. Each player is allowed up to 5 accounts online at once, this means your main account + 4 alts is allowed. Anymore than that, though will not be banned, there is the possibility of it being blocked and you being disqualified from competing in leaderboards.

[42] Alt Islands

What is classed as alt islands?

  • Alt islands are islands you create with your alt to give yourself advantages over others. This is not allowed. Alt islands are strictly against the rules and will result in instant disqualification if found. Each player has 3 islands (overworld, nether, and end) so there's no need for extra islands. On top of that, you're able to upgrade each island size in /gems shop; alt islands are not permitted. 


[43] Deductions & Disqualifications 

What is classed as deductions & disqualifications?

  • Deductions and disqualifications are what happen when you break the server rules which have given you a leaderboard or payout advantage over others. In doing this, each offense you break will lead to a deduction. A deduction will not be considered unless the specific player/team has 2 punishments under a category which could give a major advantage by breaking the rules. This is of course still based off severity of the rule, but generally will only be considered after 2 punishments. After a certain amount of deductions, you will be completely disqualified for receiving payouts until the season of the specific server ends. It works on a 3 strike system, 3 strikes and you are out.

Punishment Path:

First Offense: 25% deduction

Second Offense: 50% deduction

Third Offense: Season Disqualification