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2 months ago
Resignation of Slime and the future of MysticalSkies

Hello MysticalSkies Family,

We first want to let you all know that Slime has officially stepped down as owner as of May 18. 2022 and I have officially taken over. We wish him the best of luck.

As for the future of the network, I plan on honoring the prison build. In the last couple weeks I have moved all servers to a new provider and gone through each server to make sure it was operational. Other then a few small hiccups, everything seems to be up and running.

- Prison Server - I am still going to honor the announcement of getting this built, even if I have to pay for it out of pocket. I have started development and I am in the process of looking for a few devs.
- Skyblock - Once the Prison server is up and doing good, we will start a revamp of Skyblock.
- Creative - Will not change and is staying.
- Anarchy/Survival - The anarchy server has been taken offline and in its place we will be adding a Semi-Vanilla Survival.

That's all for now.


about 1 year ago
Discord bot update #1

Discord ranks now fully auto-claim themselves! No need to run any commands

about 1 year ago
Welcome to MysticalSkies!

Using discord we will all be able to communicate with one another not only via text but my voice as well with the click of a button. Here's some quick information regarding the Discord Server.

?? Discord Rules

ALL media (URLs, Videos, Gifs, etc) sent to the discord channels MUST be appropriate. Any users found abusing either the voice or text channels will be removed from the community chat accordingly. The same thing goes for inappropriate language, trolling, spam, etc. racist or any other types of disrespectful remarks will result in punishment.

?? Using the Store

This is a pretty simple process, you just click what item you wish to buy and click "add to cart". After that, it will ask you to login with your Discord account. Please note this step is not required, so you can skip it if you wish, but it makes syncing your account and getting your role(s) a lot easier. Click continue, if you have a coupon put it in and redeem it, proceed to checkout and fill in all of the required information! After that, wait 5-10 minutes and you should receive your package! Enjoy! :)

?? Donor Ranks

Fear not! We have made the process of syncing your Discord account easier than ever before. Once you purchase a rank from the MysticalSkies store, you will automatically receive your role here on your Discord account! If you have any issues regarding this, please create a ticket in #tickets

about 1 year ago
Welcome to MysticalSkies!


If you need support, visit our Discord server: https://discord.gg/K2T95QRb9q

Thank you and enjoy,

The Mysticalskies Staff team.