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28 May 2021
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25 Mar 2022

That’s right, the Skyblock Official Release is finally here! After a long journey working on and developing the server and getting tons of amazing custom plugins created and having one of the smoothest betas I’ve ever seen in all of my time playing Minecraft, we’re ready to get going and release! This announcement will be heavily detailed with most of Skyblock’s needed gameplay information!


Release date: February 11th, 2PM EST!

Live Countdown: https://itsalmo.st/skyblock-official-release-tqja


Island Level

Island level is gained through the placement of blocks. Each block has a certain value, some are worth more than others. The blocks that are worth the most are Gold (50 Value), Iron (100 Value), Emerald (250 Value), Diamond (500 Value), and Netherite (1200 Value) blocks. There is no limit to how many blocks you can place, shoot for the stars and go get the highest level you can!


Island Challenges

There are various island challenges you can complete throughout the course of playing and grinding on your island. There are 5 tiers of island challenges - Novice, Competent, Expert, Advanced, and Elite. In order to unlock the next tier, you must complete a certain amount of challenges from the tier you are currently on.


Island Dimensions

Each island has 3 island dimensions they can use, and each one counts towards their total island level, so it’s definitely worth grinding to unlock each dimension. You start in the overworld as normal, but you can also create a nether portal to go to your nether island and eventually work your way up to finishing the end portal to go to your end island! 


Ore Generator

Ore Generators are based per player and do NOT reset if you reset your island, you keep them until the season resets. There are 7 tiers which you can unlock, which range from the basic cobblestone generator to having all ores and ancient debris! To level up your ore generator, type “/generator” in-game!



CoreProtect is a protection plugin which allows you to do “/co I” to left/right click on blocks, chests, or spawners that allow you to see any data which happened on that specific block. 


By left clicking you get the data of the specific block you clicked on (showing either placed/broken data for that specific area within that 1 block space), by right clicking you get the similar, except it’s for the block above that block. Meaning if you had a piece of cobblestone placed and had a chest on top of it, you could right click the cobblestone to see who broke the chest!


This is a helpful way for players to keep track of their important blocks and chests to help against theft and griefs. It’s a useful tool for helping to report such events as well.


Custom Enchantments

Custom Enchantments, which are split up into 4 tiers - Common (Costs 5,000 EXP), Rare (Costs 10,000 EXP), Legendary (Costs 35,000 EXP), and Ultimate (Costs 75,000 EXP). Each one has special custom enchantments which give you specific buffs and effects as specified on each book. Most enchantments have different levels, the higher the level, the better the effect. To access the custom enchantments, simply type “/ce” in-game!


Custom Achievements

There are a total of 187 Custom Achievements we have added within the game. You can access the achievement list by doing “/a” in-game!


Daily Rewards

Each day you login, you have a chance to claim daily rewards from typing “/daily” in-game! You will receive various rewards such as exp, money, crate keys, crystals, and more! Once you reach day 7, your streak will reset back to day 1 and the process will repeat itself. 


Gems Shop

Gems are a custom currency outside of just cash. We have a special gems shop which you can access via “/gems shop” in-game! Within the shop, you can buy certain items such as crate keys, fly time, special tags, sell chest tier I, and also bedrock! There is also an islands upgrade part in which you can upgrade the overall size of your island! By default islands are 100x100.

How do I get gems though?

You receive gems by killing mobs, killing players, fishing, mining blocks (only ones from your ore generator count), and playing the server for 30 minutes at a time! You can also earn gems by playing at the Spawn Parkour, you get gems every 50 jumps!


Crystals Shop

The Crystals shop is based on our custom Crystals currency which can be used to purchase items off of our store (store.mysticalskies.com). The Crystals shop is essentially an in-game version of our store. This has most, but not all items (mainly just tags that aren’t in the in-game shop that there are way too many to add manually). You can access the Crystals shop via “/crystals shop” in-game! There are also some bonus items you can purchase inside that aren’t in our online shop!


Spawn Parkour

At spawn, to your left there is a little platform with a golden pressure plate in which you need to jump on to activate the spawn parkour. It starts off easy but as you process the jumps will continue to get harder. 0-30 Jumps is Easy, 40-74 is Medium, 75-119 is Hard, and 120+ is Expert. Every 50 jumps you will receive 50 Gems, and every 150 jumps you will receive 2.5 Crystals. Additionally, everytime you beat the servers’ top record, you will receive 2.5 Crystals.



We have tons of different leaderboards you can compete and challenge your friends against to see who can be the best! We have 8 main leaderboards which are all displayed at spawn, 7 of which are displayed at “/warp lead”; the other one is at “/warp parkour” for the spawn parkour. 


The other leaderboards are Time Played, Gems Top, Player Kills, Island Top, Baltop, Mob Kills, and McMMO Skill. Each leaderboard will have their own specific rewards involved with them, Island Top is the only monthly one. The rest are seasonal, meaning that once the Skyblock season ends, players who are in the top places will receive a prize for being the best on that specific leaderboard!


Custom recipes

We have 57 custom recipes which can be crafted in various ways, most are for the crafting table and furnace! Here’s a list of the different recipes you are able to create!

Note: All smeltable armor must not have enchantments, this is done to avoid smelting your precious or best armor!


Custom Crafting Recipes:


5 Chain = 1 Chainmail Helmet


8 Chain = 1 Chainmail Chestplate


7 Chain = 1 Chainmail leggings


4 Chain = 1 Chainmail boots


4 Glow Berries = 1 Glowstone Dust


1 Glowstone Dust + 1 Vine = 1 Glow Lichen


1 Glowstone Dust + 1 Ink sac = 1 Glow Ink sac


2 Eye of Ender + 1 Emerald Block + 6 Gold Blocks = 1 Totem of Undying


5 Leather + 1 String + 3 Iron Ingots = 1 Saddle


6 Gold Ingots + 1 Leather = 1 Golden Horse Armor


6 Iron Ingots + 1 Leather = 1 Iron Horse Armor


6 Diamonds + 1 Leather = 1 Diamond Horse Armor


7 Leather = 1 Leather Horse Armor


8 Obsidian + 1 Ghast Tear = 8 Crying Obsidian


1 Lava Bucket + 1 Netherrack = 1 Magma Block


4 Red Mushrooms = 1 Red Mushroom Block


4 Brown Mushrooms = 1 Brown Mushroom Block


2 Brown Mushrooms + 2 Red Mushrooms = 1 Mushroom Stem


1 Glowstone + 1 Mushroom Stem = 1 Shroomlight


1 Dirt + 1 Moss Carpet = 1 Grass Block


4 Moss Carpet = 1 Moss Block


3 Sticks + 3 Gold Ingots + 1 Gold Nugget = Bell


1 Oak Sapling = 1 Dead Bush


1 White Wool = 4 String


5 String = 1 Cobweb


3 Glow Ink Sac + 3 Ender Pearls + 1 Redstone Repeater = 1 Sculk Sensor


1 Apple + 4 Totem of Undying + 4 Gold Blocks = 1 Enchanted Golden Apple


6 Phantom Membrane + 1 Nether Star + 1 End Rod = 1 Elytra


3 Stone + 2 Sticks = 1 Stone Pickaxe


3 Stone + 2 Sticks = 1 Stone Axe


2 Stone + 1 Stick = 1 Stone Sword


2 Stone + 2 Sticks = 1 Stone Hoe


1 Stone + 2 Sticks = 1 Stone Shovel



Custom Smelting Recipes:


1 Raw Block of Copper = 9 Raw Copper


1 Raw Block of Iron = 9 Raw Iron


1 Raw Block of Gold = 9 Raw Gold


1 Rotten Flesh = 1 Leather


1 Iron Helmet = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Iron Chestplate = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Iron Leggings = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Iron Boots = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Gold Helmet = 1 Gold Ingot


1 Gold Chestplate = 1 Gold Ingot


1 Gold Leggings = 1 Gold Ingot


1 Gold Boots = 1 Gold Ingot


1 Chainmail Helmet = 1 Iron


1 Chainmail Chestplate = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Chainmail Leggings = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Chainmail Boots = 1 Iron Ingot


1 Diamond Helmet = 1 Diamond


1 Diamond Chestplate = 1 Diamond


1 Diamond Leggings = 1 Diamond


1 Diamond Boots = 1 Diamond 


1 Netherite Helmet = 1 Netherite Ingot


1 Netherite Chestplate = 1 Netherite Ingot


1 Netherite Leggings = 1 Netherite Ingot


1 Netherite Boots = 1 Netherite Ingot


Custom Mob Drops

Each spawner mob has a custom mob drop attached to them. Here’s a list of the drops!rxBQZ-VdGYLfjWFcW-lo6pSmwyBr_rsRlhoDkRYJfioOv8e_rovVeqyIfdWHCBiRtiKeOCq0OI0Yz0GcH4nqCeGTjd3sJZkyXNIpHcbRSot4sGF4yxpUHzeXIXmj3FLZNzHOJoXX


AntiDrop Protection

To ensure you don’t lose all of your valuable or Mythical Items, we have added antidrop protection to all tools, weapons, keys (tripwire hooks), shulker boxes, elytras, armor, and more!

Twerk to grow crops

A cool and fun little addon to allow you to be able to make any crop or sapling grow with the power of your twerking dance moves! Go give it a try!



We have 6 duel arenas in which you can battle your friends or other players to compete to see who is the best, or put a wager on the fight! Simply do “/duel [name]” to start the dueling process!



Each day, you get access to vote on the 6 vote sites we offer by doing “/vote” in-game! You will receive 10 minutes of tempfly, 0.015 Crystals, $1,000, and a vote key! Every 50 votes a vote party will activate on the server which will give every player online a free vote key and one other random key (which could be vote, rare, legendary, crazy, or even mystical!) 



We have 5 different crates that are around each month, but we also have 1 special one which will come around once a month and once gone, will be gone forever! The 5 main crates are Vote, Rare, Legendary, Crazy, and Mystical! As mentioned in the voting section, you are able to get vote keys simply by voting. You can also get other keys through vote parties, gems shop, crystals shop, our online store, and even through opening crates themselves you have a chance to get the next tier up!


Sell Chests

Sell Chests automatically sell items inside of them for you every so often, depending on the tier. The higher the tier, the better the stats, the lower the tax, and the faster the sell time. We have 4 tiers of sell chests These can be earned from gems shop, crates, and crystals shop! The list of the different sell chests and stats are below!


Sell Chest Tier I = 15 days | 20% tax | 20 second cooldown | Works While Player Online


Sell Chest Tier II = 30 days | 15% tax | 15 second cooldown | Works Offline


Sell Chest Tier III = 60 days | 10% tax | 10 second cooldown | Works Offline


Sell Chest Tier IV = Infinite | 5% tax | 5 second cooldown | Works Offline | Collects & Sells items nearby (no hoppers needed!)


Each rank has a certain amount of sell chests they are able to place. The list as is followed:


Member: Ability to place 1

Hero: Ability to place 2

Legend: Ability to place 4

Dragon: Ability to place 6

Phoenix: Ability to place 10

Titan: Ability to place 20


Chunk Loaders

There are 4 tiers of chunk loaders. Chunk loaders are tools in which you load a chunk so that you don’t need to be online to afk it yourself, just place it and you’re ready to go! The list of the different tiers is as stated below:


Chunk Loader Tier I = 1 day

Chunk Loader Tier II = 7 days

Chunk Loader Tier III = 30 days

Chunk Loader Tier IV = Infinite


No placement limits! You are able to purchase these in the Crystals Shop!

Auto Farmers

Auto Farmers are, as the same suggests, farms in which auto farm for you! All you have to do is plant the crops the first time, and then they do the rest for you forever! They will automatically harvest and collect the crops in their own storage system. From there to prevent it from overflowing, you must either collect and sell it yourself or connect a hopper underneath to take the items from the auto farmer and put them into a chest or even a sell chest to automatically sell the crops for you!


There are 4 tiers of these farms which can be earned through crates. Tier I (Radius of 2), Tier 2 (Radius of 3), Tier 3 (Radius of 4), and Tier 4 (Radius of 5). Actual Size shown in the image below.



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